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Sarwari and Rolling Star by Bunni89 Sarwari and Rolling Star by Bunni89
New application update! I was told I could do this by the previous owner (change my digimon's species while keeping the same personality), but not sure if I'm still allowed now the admins have changed?
If it's allowed, could I have my old app removed from the group to avoid confusion? (I don't wanna delete the actual deviation, I thought it'd be fun to keep it in my gallery for the memories)
Sorry for overly long profile, I talk too much XD


Hunter Info
Name: Sarwari Chaubey (aka "Sermon")
Team Name: Rolling Star
Hunter Type: Battler

Age: 9 years old
Height: 4'1"
Sexuality: Not really old enough to know yet
Race/Ethnicity: British Indian (by which I mean born in britain, indian heritage)
Hometown: Cardiff, Wales

Personality: Spoilt, egotistical, hyperactive, unbelieveably rude and not exactly one for the thinking. Sarwari ended up with the nickname Sermon from her annoying habit of always monologuing and trying to get in the last word as if she's smarter than everyone, regardless of whether she actually knows what she's talking about. (Don't trust anything she says if you're looking for advice, she'd claim some unknown alien machine was a hairdryer just to look intelligent XD And sometimes she just does it on purpose to troll people XD)
She's cynical at heart and has a lot of trust issues. Expect her to always jump to the worst conclusion, and insist on doing everything by herself because "It's not like I can rely on anyone else!", assuming that everyone is a bad guy. Or else if they're not somehow suspicious then they're some weak goody-goody who'd be no help anyway, and probably has sticks for bones and porridge for muscles!
Sarwari's also got a bloodthirsty streak a mile long, loving to fight just for FUN! Fighting about anything and everything, and thinking people are just wimpy losers if they don't wanna join in. And I mean digimon fighting and fistfighting too! She's a total brawl addict and a bit of a bully who loves to run around wrecking shit, having armwrestling contests and etc. After all, her daddy can just buy her more cute clothes if she messes them up XD But she can't (usually) defeat grownups in play-fights unless they go easy on her, of course. So digimon fights are the method of choice for defeating bad guys.
Yep, despite all this, she's a good person who cares greatly about JUSTICE!! She's just... good but not NICE. Sweating a little...
She's somewhat of an out-of-touch rich kid who doesn't know how to do anything for herself (aside from fighting) because her ~oh so perfect dad~ (that she won't shut up about) apparantly babied her to ridiculous levels. She's baffled by all the common folk stuff like using a microwave instead of having servants to do that. But on the negative side, she's also clueless about how to actually play games, make friends and be a kid. So 90% of her meanness is just because she sucks at talking to people and hopefully she'll grow out of it as she learns..
Her only soft spot is for her loader partner, Rook. She tries to pretend she doesn't care, and likes to complain about how ~awful~ it is that the universe has forced her to play big sister to a small baby animal. And she's somewhat annoyed by how nieve and optimistic her partner is, taking it upon herself to teach her "how the world works". But still... they're best friends in the world, who do everything together. And if you hurt Rook then you're gonna pay!
She's not nearly as affectionate to other people, even those she'd consider friends. (Though she IS better with digimon than humans.)

Bio: Nobody knows very much about who she is or where she came from, just that she's apparantly the daughter of some rich businessman (according to her) and seems to have the cash to prove it. (Shame that all the digimon-related shops don't take her money and she has to earn this "exp" instead. But she doesn't mind cos its an excuse to do more fighting XD) Considering her weird morals ("violence is awesome, everyone is my minion mwahaha!!"), its rumored that her dad is some sort of criminal overlord and she's a mafia princess...
But she doesn't like to talk about it. Despite adoring her father and liking to talk about him all the time, he doesn't seem to actually... be anywhere. If she has such an adoring dad at home, why is she doing all these dangerous missions alone? Perhaps he's always busy with work and this whole adventure is just because Sermon feels lonely...


Digimon Info
Name: Rook/Jaffamon (Sarwari calls her Rook regardless of form)
Gender: Female
Attribute: Virus
Type: Ice/Esper

Personality: Rook is super young, only around three years old. So she acts more like a pet or a lil sister than a fighting machine. (Which slightly frustrates Sarwari...) She's playful, perpetually calm, cheerful, unflappable and kinda slow. Her calmness doesn't mean that she's easy to handle, though! She likes to slither super-speedily all over the place, climb everything, play with everything, go "What's this?" about EVERYTHING, instantly forget what it is, ask again, jump off the sofa and try to fly, float around the room like a snakey satellite... but she's also just so gosh darn sweet, all-loving and affectionate. And she's only a baby after all!
So while Rook likes to make a mess, you've kinda gotta forgive her since she's so good natured and gets completely crushed whenever she upsets someone. (She really doesn't mean it, she just sucks at remembering rules and realizing that other people don't enjoy the same things as her. "but... pretty now!" *wall completely covered in scribbles* *she is genuinely confused why this is a bad thing*)
Also, Sarwari likes to make mischief too so they're perfectly matched XD
However, Rook doesn't have any of Sermon's cynicism, so she easily befriends anyone who just walks into her general vicinity and doesn't look scary or smell bad or try to steal her jingly bell toy. Her reasoning is super basic. This can be awkward since you have to explain to her that no, that's a villain, not a new playmate...

She constantly "talks like this (all lowercase, small text) And she prefers to express herself in short grammatically-failtacular sentences or even single words. However she actually has an irrationally huge vocabulary, and occasionally surprises everyone with some super complicated word out of nowhere! She loves Sarwari but has a silly habit of constantly calling her "Boss", "Chief", "Master", "Overlord", "Sultan", "Sovereign", "Most Esteemed Personage", "Executive Producer"... every time Sarwari says "Stop calling me that!" she just thinks up an even more ridiculous one. When she actually uses her partner's name, you know things are getting serious!
Although she has two heads and two brains, she only has one mind and personality. But she can control her heads separately if she needs to, and even delegate them to think about different things at the same time if she needs to multitask. So sometimes she literally acts out internal arguments, making one head the "rook should get cookie" team while the other roots for the "but boss said no" team. Battle!! (Spoiler: The reasonable head always loses.)
So maybe she's not as unintelligent as she seems? After all, she IS a psychic! It's more like she's smart but just lazy XD

Bio: A younger Sarwari found an egg one day while exploring the 'ol run-down park near her house. She took the strange critter home out of loneliness and feeling sorry for the poor thing apparantly abandoned all alone with noone to take care of it. This Jaffamon's always had a slightly bad immune system (super sneezy!) because she came so close to dying as an egg, and wouldn't have made it if the lil girl hadn't shown up. (The egg was laying in the rain in the middle of winter... even for a digimon that's hazardous)
Rook is insanely loyal not just because she owes her partner her life, but also because the lil girl practically raised her. So she considers Sarwari a big sister and sometimes forgets she isn't a digimon.

1: Mint Zephyr - Breathes out a rapid cold wind full of spike-shaped hail. (Basically, think "Diamond Storm" but with ice) She can only shoot from one head at once, but having two heads means she can quickly alternate between them to make the attack harder to dodge and avoid the "reload" time, like a guy with two shotguns. The ice isn't very solid yet cos she's only little, and her aim is bad. So its more like being blasted with snow than being shredded by spears. Still painful, but a blunt attack instead of a stab.
2. Lively Drift - Lifts things with telekinesis and throws them at the enemy. The effectiveness depends on how useful her surroundings are. At the moment she can only "drift" small things properly (anything less heavy than a small bag of sugar), but could perhaps push a human off their feet or move a tv three centimetres so it falls off a shelf. She causes a lot of mischief with this power!
3. Restless Echo - Moves quickly and creates illusionary duplicates of herself as afterimages. They're just like holograms, they don't actually do anything except confuse the foe. These fakes linger around, but vanish if touched by anything. (Except, obviously, the floor XD)


Trivia: Sarwari used to have a rainbow pattern coat but it was a bit too garish and hard to draw consistantly. She used to be 11 but that didn't suit the character or the plot or the design, so now she's 9. Team name used to be Spectrum Heart but I ended up using that for something else. Rook was a mouse in my old application, but it didn't suit her. It's 'Jaffamon' cos she was originally meant to be orange, and it just stuck. (Lol if anyone has a better name idea?)
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