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[RETIRED] Sarwari and Spectrum Heart by Bunni89 [RETIRED] Sarwari and Spectrum Heart by Bunni89
EDIT: Non-canon! Old! Binned! Bye! Updated version here:…?

Got permission to make a second character! I'm planning on using this char as the protagonist of a fangame so I thought it'd be fun to roleplay her while I'm working on her ^_^
Unfortunately this also means that I can't put her plot in this profile or it'd be spoilers! So my apologies if the bio here is kinda boring and rubbish, its the secondary made-up backup version. Deliberately totally different from her (and Toskmon's) ordinary story. "Found a digimon egg" is like my omnipresent RP backstory cliche or something... XD
I wasn't sure whether to make her a rescuer or a battler, since she's a heroic justice seeker but also obsessed with fighting..


Hunter Info
Name: Sarwari Chaubey (aka "Sermon")
Team Name: Spectrum Heart
Hunter Type: Battler

Age: 11 years old
Height: 4'6"
Sexuality: Not really old enough to know yet
Race/Ethnicity: British Indian (by which I mean born in britain, indian heritage)
Hometown: Cardiff, Wales

Personality: Spoilt, egotistical, hyperactive, unbelieveably rude and not exactly one for the thinking. Sarwari ended up with the nickname Sermon from her annoying habit of talking so much, specifically always explaining everything and trying to get in the last word as if she's smarter than everyone, regardless of whether she actually knows what she's talking about. (Don't trust anything she says if you're looking for advice, she'd claim some unknown alien machine was a hairdryer just to look intelligent XD And sometimes she just does it on purpose to troll people XD)
And she's got a bloodthirsty streak a mile long, loving to fight just for FUN! Fighting about anything and everything, and thinking people are just wimpy losers if they don't wanna join in. And I mean digimon fighting and fistfighting too! Despite her punky fashionableness, she's a total brawl addict and a bit of a bully who loves to run around wrecking shit, having armwrestling contests and etc. After all, her daddy can just buy her more cute clothes if she messes them up XD But she can't (usually) defeat grownups in play-fights unless they go easy on her, of course. So digimon fights are the method of choice for defeating bad guys.
Yep, despite all this, she's a good person who cares greatly about JUSTICE!! She's just... good but not NICE. ^^;
Sermon's somewhat of an out-of-touch rich kid who doesn't know how to do anything for herself (aside from fighting) because her ~oh so perfect dad~ (that she won't shut up about) apparantly babied her to ridiculous levels. She's baffled by all the common folk stuff like using a microwave instead of having servants to do that. But on the negative side, she's also clueless about how to actually play games, make friends and be a kid. So 90% of her meanness is just because she sucks at talking to people and hopefully she'll grow out of it as she learns..
Her only soft spot is for digimon (specifically the more animalistic ones, and normal animals too). She sucks at connecting with humans but finds herself more able to show affection to pets. And she spoils them as much as her dad spoiled her XD

Bio: Nobody knows very much about who she is or where she came from, just that she's apparantly the daughter of some rich businessman (according to her) and seems to have the cash to prove it. (Shame that all the digimon-related shops don't take her money and she has to earn this "exp" instead. But she doesn't mind cos its an excuse to do more fighting XD) Considering her weird morals ("violence is awesome, everyone is my minion mwahaha!!"), its rumored that her dad is some sort of criminal overlord and she's a mafia princess...
But she doesn't like to talk about it. Despite adoring her father and liking to talk about him all the time, he doesn't seem to actually... be anywhere. If she has such an adoring dad at home, why is she doing all these dangerous missions alone? Perhaps he's always busy with work and this whole adventure is just because Sermon feels lonely...

Digimon Info
Name: Toskmon
Gender: Female
Attribute: Virus
Type: Beast/Puppet

Personality: Toskmon is super young, only around three years old. So she's not very eloquent and acts more like a pet than a sentient being. What little personality she's developed so far is playful and mischievious, but she also LOVES to do anything that'll make her partner proud. She's very hyper and likes to run super-speedily all over the place, and if she can do any errands while she's at it, then YAY! Helping out big sis~ She likes to fetch and carry stuff, deliver messages, etc. Sermon's even managed to train her to do the shopping ^_^
So while Tosk likes to make a mess, you've kinda gotta forgive her since she's so good natured and gets completely crushed whenever she upsets someone. (She really doesn't mean it, she just sucks at remembering rules and knowing when to calm down)
Toskmon doesn't have any of Sermon's cynicism, so she easily befriends anyone who just walks into her general vicinity and doesn't look scary or smell bad or try to steal her jingly bell toy. Her reasoning is super basic. This can be awkward since you have to explain to her that no, that's a villain, not a new playmate...
Tosk has a huuuuuuuge appetite! Mostly for snacks, but despite her usual puppydog personality she can also go completely feral and predatory on demand... and her weapon of choice is a surprising amount of razor-sharp teeth hidden in that tiny mouth! She'd never hurt her buddies, but she does kinda lose control and go into a beserk state whenever a battle starts. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage- its hard to get through to her and actually give commands to use specific attacks.
Bio: Sermon found an egg one day while exploring the 'ol junk heap in the closed-down park near her house. She took the strange critter home out of loneliness and feeling sorry for the poor thing apparantly abandoned all alone with noone to take care of it. Toskmon's always had a slightly bad immune system (super sneezy!) because she came so close to dying as an egg, and wouldn't have made it if the lil girl hadn't shown up. (The egg was laying in the rain in the middle of winter... even for a digimon that's hazardous)
Toskmon is insanely loyal not just because she owes her partner her life, but also because the lil girl practically raised her. So she considers Sermon a big sister and sometimes forgets she isn't a digimon.

1: Pitch Slap - Turns around and extends tail quickly to punch enemy in the face with surprising levels of strength, knocking them off their feet with an electrical shock. Somehow leaves a comical hand-shaped mark on their forehead despite all logic.
2. Chaotic Shred - Bites and tears at the enemy with fangs, using the power of wind to pounce at them with unexpected speed. (Since its magical wind speed she also temporarily gains the ability to jump real high for this move if necessary, practically like flying... if flying only lasted a split second)
3. Looking Glass - Studies enemy with her giant magical eyes, temporarily stunning them with her gaze. Like, only mildly and for a matter of seconds but enough so that its hard to dodge the next attack due to dizzyness.

*Super & Superior Forms*
???? Still working on it!
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CaptnPenguin Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014
really enjoyable and unique digimon design, love the way you did the eyes on it
Bunni89 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! :hug:
Haha, the eyes were fun! They were a last minute addition since I just drew a funny coloured rat and figured it didn't look "monster-y" enough. They definately improve the whole design, I'm glad you like em ^_^
theIggyness Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I love her multi-coloured coat! So swirly and rainbow~
Bunni89 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! I adopted it from this cool lady here so give her your love!…
I just stuck it on my own character XD
TheHaloGuy Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Student General Artist
as someone from Britain i say good job XD 

Samantha: oooh new people! Little digimon, i shall call you Patches

Hawkmon: oh god Sam stop
Bunni89 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
As someone from Britain i say thank you XD

Toskmon: no i am tosk :noes: sis, i tink dis human is broken...
Sarwari: Hey, if you get to name my digimon then does that mean I can call you Washboard Chest? *evil cackle*
(I think if they met then it'd be chaos XD)
TheHaloGuy Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Hawkmon holds back sam
Hawkmon: we are leaving, it was nice meeting you 
Bunni89 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sarwari: *sticks out tongue* Nice meeting ya too! Stay frosty! :thumbsup:
Toskmon: leaving a'ready? ... BYE BYE, I AM TOSK! see yu laters.... and i am tosk!! :D
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