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[RETIRED] Dima and the Soul Thieves by Bunni89 [RETIRED] Dima and the Soul Thieves by Bunni89
EDIT: lol, I changed my character ages ago but the old one was left in the group and it's starting to confuse people ^^;
Could I have this guy completely removed please? Thank you!


Still a WIP. Not submitting to the group til I finish the colouring.

Hunter Info
Name: Damien "Dima" Keehl
Team Name: Soul Thieves
Hunter Type: Collector

Age: 16 years old
Height: 5'8"
Sexuality: Asexual
Race/Ethnicity: White Russian
Hometown: Buburuza Village (digital world)

Personality: Dorky and awkward and quite a bit nieve, but good natured and friendly. TOO good natured and friendly! He can come off as trying too hard to be a class clown, and then he gets a bit clingy whenever he makes a friend. He has a bad habit of lying even when he's trying not to- he'll put on a mask and act however he thinks everyone wants him to act, and make up stuff to make people like him. And he's a total gopher who'll gullibly do anything as long as you say "Do it for me, we're friends right?" He tries to be all smiles 24/7 regardless of whether he's really happy or whether he's having a total panic attack at the scaryness of social interaction...
But Dima's defining feature is his hoarding obsession. He literally has kleptomania- he doesn't just like to steal stuff, he gets attacks of irresistable compulsion to own things and has trouble controlling himself. It's not even usually things that most people would WANT to steal, sometimes he sees something in a trash heap and needs to take it home! NEEDS to! His house is a giant maze of boxes upon boxes of random crud that "might be useful someday", scrap parts that he recycles to build new stuff, old newspapers that he rereads over and over, etc etc..
He sees himself as a "Magical Master Thief" and likes the challenge of stealing really random stuff in really weird ways! Don't even ask how he got a stop sign to hang on his wall.
Oh, and he's addicted to blueberry muffins. Nom!

Bio: Dima was born and raised in the digital world, and never had many friends growing up as one of only a few humans living in that village. He often got picked on by his digimon neighbours, and didn't get out much since he was homeschooled and had to look after his ill mother. But instead of growing bitter and hating digimon, exactly the opposite happened! He became self hating and socially inept, and desperate for people (and digimon) to like him. MUST HAVE ALL THE FRIENDS
He grew up with Sproxmon and she's sorta like a pet and sorta like a little sister. And now he's old enough he's setting off to become a Hunter, with her help as his partner!
As the son of a russian immigrant to the digital world, he's never actually visited his homeland but was raised bilingual by his mam. Likes to say "Klass!" a lot XD
Likes: Friends, people in general, DIGIMON, random cool things that'd look awesome in his house, muffins, weird flower child fashion, hugs.
Dislikes: When his kleptomania gets him in trouble and he's stuck with no explanation for why he's trying to unscrew a public toilet seat in the middle of a restaurant. Also, don't call him Dimochka!

Digimon Info
Name: Sproxmon
Gender: Female
Attribute: Virus
Type: Dragon/Tech

Personality: A very childlike feral digimon who acts a lot like a domesticated pet or a baby. (Think Guilmon, basically) She's really random, playful and affectionate but a bit spoilt and kind of a drama queen. Acts like she's dying if you say she can't have the last cookie, etc. She almost always speaks in one word sentences. ("Cheesecake!" "Wonderment!" "Defenestration!")
Bio: Same as Dima, basically. Mrs Keehl found her as a digiegg and gave it to her son to be his friend and protector while he was growing up. And now they're off on an adventure together!

Likes: Attention, hugs, FOOD, playing games, getting her hair brushed, running in circles, dragons, chasing stick/football/smaller digimon, zapping things.
Dislikes: Being ignored, dissappointing Dima, having to sit still, people talking too much so she can't keep up, green vegetables.

1: Static Elect - A weak discharge of lightning around itself in a few random zaps. Needs to be close range to actually hit anything.
2: Wyrm Breath - Shoots lightning from its mouth.
3. Trojan Roar - Screeches and expels viral code that infects the foe and causes code damage from the inside out. Using this powerful attack tires her out a lot!

*Super Form*
Holojingmon: a larger more dragonic Sproxmon that seems to be getting too big for its skin.

*Superior Form*
Rossumjingmon: a wormlike dragon wearing a fox cape.

Original Sproxmon/Holojingmon design belongs to Space-Drive-Overdose space-drive-overdose.deviantar…
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Haha, thanks! :D Its not done yet tho... more epicness to come~
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Cant waaaaaaaaait~!
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