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MOAR THOR by Bunni89 MOAR THOR by Bunni89


Top line is bases, second line is the default costume. (That superman tanktop thing I doodled him in.) It goes in timeline order: baby Thor, kiddy Thor, teen/young adult Thor, young adult Thor with a pointy rock in his head and adult thor with a pointy rock in his head. (That's a random plotline thing that happens.)
Okay, the story behind this is that I quite frequently change my mind about Thor's beard(s) and while the whole shebang (the pony-beard chain of crazy) is what I'm decided on, various other levels of hairyness also look cool. So I figured if/when I make this game I'll add a lil silly feature to make him shave.
You can give a razor as a gift and suggest new styles, though the options vary over time. (For example baby Thor just has a goatee and you can give the razor to Odin and say "Shave your baby, it's so weird T^T")
Full list of styles is: cleanshaven, goatee, beard, 1-chain beard, 5-chain beard and ??-chain beard. (which looks the same as the previous one but from the back you can see the chain carries on for ages like a rapunzel ponytail) And everything comes with or without CRAZY STACHE~
Gonna do a base of this body type cos its also gonna get used for ogres, etc but probably won't post it unless someone actually needs it. It's kinda overly-specific- squishy popeye arms dude XD
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negativesanchez98 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
er mah gurd! Lookit all these thors XD. I want to shove them in my pocket! *shovels them into pocket and runs away*

very neat :D! I wish I knew where to acquire this razor that ADDS facial hair lol.

whats with the pointy rock, if you don't mind me asking :> ?
Bunni89 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
*you now have a really huge heavy pocket that tries to fight monsters every five seconds*

XD I was gonna justify it by you saying 'start shaving your mustache', 'stop shaving your mustache' and pretend time has passed.. but I could just say its a magic razor XD

Thor fought a guy who used a giant whetstone (weapon sharpening tool) as a weapon itself, and then when he won he smashed the thing with the final blow and a big shard rammed itself into his brain. And then his beheaded opponant fell on him and he couldn't get him off until his baby son did it ^^; It was kinda fail and its funny that the myths themselves play it in a 'oh this is ordinary and not remotely demeaning' way when the mental image is so derp XD I guess kinda cos it was meant to be 'lil magni is so strong for his age' not 'thor is a dumbass being saved by a newborn'.
And then the rock shard was stuck there forever cos they tried to pull it out but it just got stuck even worse. That was a mini adventure itself where they had to hunt out the greatest healing witch and then someone surprised her halfway through the operation and DERP, SPLURT, SQUSH, its stuck ^^; And we just gave him brain damage ^^;
Practically NO adaptations include this story, or if they do, they do it in a weird way where apparantly thor's head completely healed back to optimum prettyness and everyone just jokes he's got a rock in there ^^; Same as how everyone says loki getting his lips sewn shut was recoverable when the mythos says NO ^^;
I dislike the practise of throwing away injuries to keep chracters looking good.
negativesanchez98 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
(sorry for the ancient reply ._.)

wow that's so cool XD. Arn't the original myths sooo much cooler than modern interpretations? That goes for any myth. like in Japanese folklore, a lot of the actual factual myth is like "seriously? wtf?" XDDD. I like that you leave thor in his entirety (well sort of XD). It's much more interesting than some generic blonde pretty boy =3=; and I think it makes him very endearing and lovable XD. I never really been much for "dolling" a character up for the sake of mass appeal myself :C. you can have pretty characters sure, but don't destroy the integrity of a character just so people can say ooooh what a dream boat -n- lol that's just dumb.
Bunni89 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I know I know!! I love the silly original myths and I always feel I wanna make cartoons of em so people can get how fun they are. Cos when they're just written down all mater-of-factly then peopel without imagination will just look at it and go 'that's dumb, I'll change it to something more normal' instead of realizing how much more appealing the oddness is and how unnecessary it is to edit it out.
I love characters that are badass despite being crazy, or BECAUSE of it. :3 Loki wouldn't be nearly as fun if he wasn't a petulant child-minded derp who likes to dress like a woman, and it makes him infinately more sympathetic because he never does anything bad on purpose, just by mistake cos he didn't look before he lept or cos he was trying to save his own skin, and then he's such a wimpy scared lil guy you feel sorry for him having to go on giant quests to right his wrongs. (And the sense of danger is bigger cos Loki has to fight with with smarts and illusions and isn't super tough and brave) Also it's just kinda silly cute that he got pregnant a lot, he works well as a character if you assume he did actually enjoy being a parent and was one of those mumsy sorts XD *hugs giant world-encircling snake and puts a scarf on him cos its very cold out thar*
And yeah Thor was always historically more rugged and manleh (yet dumb and endearing cos he was a 100% superhero style goodguy compared to everyone else) I'm rather proud of my design for him and I think it manages to pull off the whole 'cute yet not someone to mess with' thing with an injection of goofyness, and sympathy for his rather unusual injury without making him look like a gorey mess. Though there is a minor running gag that his eyes are literally sunken in their sockets (hence the blackness, his irises glow so that's why we see em) and when he's surprised they pop out cartoon style, which would be gross in-universe but looks silly to us XD
And yeah, prettifying a guy for an adaptation is one of my pet peeves. I still tend to cuteify people but that's just cos I can't draw anyone non-cute XD
Gah I need to draw more Thor cos I haven't really shown any personality yet (well, aside from what can be inferred from the goofy appearance XD) and nor have I shown my design for his magic hammer..
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September 2, 2012
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