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First Nooby Game Progress by Bunni89 First Nooby Game Progress by Bunni89
Silly deviation XD Well, I'm proud of myself! This is my first foray into the dizzy heights of using Scripts (additional programming code) in RPGMaker VX Ace! And (to a very small degree) actually writing some of that code!
Previously I always just used Events (the default preset functions of the program, made by pressing buttons), and if I did use a Script I'd just find some Script package that some guy made online and throw it in and follow the instructions. Basically the same as an Event, y'know? Just made by fans, not the RPGMaker company....

So like... to explain this in terms that non RPGMaker users would understand...
Let's say you can't make art. But you can open an art program and click on that button that makes preset shapes. That's what the Events are like! And you could make a great variety of stuff by moving the shapes around and changing size and colour and putting them together in different combinations. But you'll find that you're really limited and it's either unnecessarily hard or impossible to do certain things. And whatever you DO make will probably look a bit basic and possibly shoddy.
Now, using premade Script packages (like Pokemon Essentials or Yanfly Battle) is like using bases. You take a great template made by some more professional person and you edit it into your character. It probably looks awesome and is closer to what you want, but in many ways it's even more limited than just moving squares around. And you're screwed if noone's made a base for the thing you want to draw!
I'm currently trying to move on towards learning how to find several Scripts and put them together to do what I want (like cutting pieces from different bases to create a new pose, or making a group scene), and also how to edit small parts of the Script to change things that don't quite suit my idea (like drawing long hair onto a hairless base, or changing a skinny character to a fat one)
But I still don't know how to write a Script from scratch. (aka draw fantabulous anime using my own two hands XD)
Hell, I don't even know the coding language! (aka the anatomy of a human being? XD) But doing all these strategies is helping me to learn, just like how tracing helps newbie artists.

And, like with tracing, it'd be illegal to fail to give credit to the script/base creator, or to steal something that was never intended to be a base. The script I'm learning in the deviation is Selchar's Variable Calendar…

Things I have learned so far:
* How to turn a 2 line text HUD into a 3 line one (or potentially more, if I needed it)
* How to do a "if this number says [x] then write this word" thing. (Like "day = 7, so write Sunday")
* How to make the game draw st/nd/th depending on the day of the month
* How to cut corners and make the game draw "200 + Year", so that I can store the year "2001" as just "1" in the game's memory XD
* How to remove the real-time element from the script and make it work like in Princess Maker or Persona. (Where you can walk around as much as you want in a dungeon without time progressing, and it doesn't become the next day until you leave.)
Actually removing chunks of the Script is beyond my ability, cos I dunno what will stop it from working if I cut it out. But I know how to just turn that stuff off and have it sitting there like a vestigal toe while I hijack the framework and variables to do other stuff~ Though i need to start leaving labels in the code box so I can remember which stuff I'm actually using and which stuff should not be touched ^^;

Things I really need to learn to make this script do what I want (which is "look nice while showing the time"):
* How to center text.
* How to change font & text size.
* How to show pictures.
....I can do all that via the Event buttons for that stuff, but I have nooo clue how to do it in code! XD Events = only on the map as physical objects, basically. Not in a menu. Editing a menu requires a Script. So either I'm stuck with this fancyless menu, or I have some NPC walking around who says the time. (Very impractical!)
Must learn text formatting code.
Bunni89 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is basically just a Journal with an image on top. Probably should have posted it like that? *shrug*
Gonna make further game development more visual so its actually interesting for the watchers. Working on a sort of planning diagram to show what I want the interface to be like, and then i can try and figure out what scripts could create it.
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