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Byako League Loki :OFF: by Bunni89 Byako League Loki :OFF: by Bunni89
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The fun of the invisible tightrope gag:
* walk across chasm
* watch person behind you attempt to do it too :D

New updated Loki profile!
See a bigger version of the pic and loads of shiny design-based trivia here: [link]
And since I STILL haven't got around to making a reference sheet, here's some basic info!

Name: Loki Laufeyson
Alias: Lopt
(Trivia: he's like the only character in norse myth with a surname. XD)
(BTW Laufey is his mum, not his dad. Marvel comics got it VERY WRONG. Also she's a sentient forest, his family is weeeeird.)

Age: So many centuries he can't remember.
Species: Jotunn
Gender: Errr...
Here's the hard part!
He's a shapeshifter..
And he's mothered several of his children..
As both a man and a woman..
And a horse..
Basically he goes with male pronouns no matter what genitals he has so lets just stick with that ^^; In any case he's mostly attracted to women, including when he's a woman himself and if the woman turns into a man (does that make him hetero or not?!) and would only bang a REAL dude if asgard was at stake. (...and it's happened a few times.. poor loki ^^; Odin: I can think of no other solution than you using your sexy wiles! For the nation!)
> Some pics of him shapeshifting in human form as both genders: [link]

Hair: ULTRA GINGER! Aka red and on fire
Skin: light blue
Eyes: ice blue schelera, red spiral pupils
(but the spirals only appear whenever he's angry/frightened)

Loki is a Jotunn who once became blood brothers with the norse god Odin, and was thus welcomed as an honorary god. In time Things Happened and the gods kinda decided to genocide his race and only spare him if he didn't raise a fuss, send him out as their personal errand boy on every risky mission, kick him around for the lols... Y'know, normal friend stuff that he had the gall not to appreciate! During this time he had a wife who was offed and a load of kids who were imprisoned, murdered and worse in the name of 'preventing Ragnorok' (that crazy future war that Odin foresaw in his head and everyone totally believed was gonna happen any day.. and tried to 'prevent' by making enemies of ALL THE OTHER EIGHT WORLDS.. yeah they kinda deserve it.) He got implicated in the murder of Odin's most foppish and annoying son, and then one day got drunk at a party and accused the big man of crossdressing so he got his current children killed too as punishment and then him and his new wife were locked up in the centre of the earth and tied to a poisonous snake.
So in short, he is VERY MUCH happy that noone worships Odin in this crazy modern world and it looks like the guy is gone. *little dance* Nowadays him and Sigyn are on the search for the imprisoned kiddies to restore their family, and so far they've found lil Fenris. :3

Well he's very much not a GOOD guy, but he's also not a BAD guy. At least compared to the gods themselves, who have no sense of proper retribution. ("I murdered your family! That'll teach ya to call me names!") Loki's mostly a harmless trickster and conman who's so lazy and cowardly he'd never be able to commit to any acts of genuine evil even if he DIDN'T have standards. Basically he's more like a hero who uses a lot of underhanded tactics. (and steals whatever he wants, just like a RPG protagonist! XD)
The Loki standards:
* No murder.
* No breaking oaths.
* No stealing from those who can't afford it.
* No harming kids or families.
* No doing anything that will get me killed.
Those are listed in the order he's willing to break them if the situation is truly desperate, with 'no getting killed' as the very last thing he won't ever do unless... well, the unspoken top priority that will never get broken is 'DON'T LET ANY MORE HARM COME TO MY FAMILY', and he'd do everything to keep em safe. (He used to rate his own personal safety over his family and didn't go against Odin when he imprisoned his first set of children, so he feels like he owes a lot to them to be the best dad ever when they get reunited. *character development*)
Anyway, moving on from the morality! Loki is a goofy old man! Impossibly childish, he loves messing with people, dancing around, pulling faces and pulling pranks, and in general acting like a troll. (Legend even says that all trolls are descended from him! XD) Despite his bounciness he's also very lazy, at least in the sense that he will ALWAYS go out of his way to solve anything through trickery rather than just doing it normally. He's an incredibly intelligent strategist whose plans rarely fail, though. But he's a big eater despite his wiry frame (he seems immune to gaining an ounce of fat), and is absolutely enamoured of chocolate and all the other new sugary wonders of the modern age. The only time he drops his savvyness is when food is involved, and he's had a few embarrassing defeats because of it. ("Aha, loki! That burger was really my heart and now you're pregnant with my babies!" <- how he started the troll race. JOTUNN BIOLOGY IS WEIRD. More on that later.) He also likes a good beer but has a very low tolerance and always makes a fool of himself after like two glasses of cider. And as you can see from the pic, his fashion sense is.. UNIQUE. XD
And the final point to mention about Loki's personality is he is SUPER MAMA. Seriously! He fawns over his baby boy Fenris and if he's faced with a kid he'll let his guard down because they're so cute XD

First off, in general he's a lot stronger than a mortal. But using any of his physical strength is very unlike him. In battle, he's the kind of guy who wisecracks at the enemy to put them off guard and acts super overconfident. However he's never REALLY confident, it's just part of the facade that he'll act like he constantly has the upper hand. (even if his brain is whirring furiously to try and think of a way out of danger) He's a coward at heart and will get more flustered the more his ego facade is cracked and he can't fool himself- for example after the first heavy blow is landed on him he'll start freaking out a little and be more likely to let in more attacks. He's also so terrified of fighting that he'll never actually physically attack, only constantly try and push the enemy back and find some way of KOing them using the environment or turning their strength against them. The only time he'll ever actually punch/kick/beat upside the head somebody is when he knows he can finish the fight in that one blow. (and it's usually a spectacular ending- he's a lot stronger than he gives himself credit for.) He's not exactly in the best of shape after his imprisonment so he'd pretty much collapse straight afterwards if he had to exert himself any more than a normal human. So basically even though he has a high strength score up there on the chart it may as well be 0 for all the times you're gonna see it used.
You're more often gonna be seeing him using his superhuman SPEED and REFLEXES. These are things he's actually trained so he's able to fight using them without tiring out too fast. Loki's style of 'battle' is DODGE DODGE DODGE. He keeps running and jumping and sliding around the place and yelling distracting puns etc to give him time to think up a plan, and to make the enemy enraged and more likely to slip up. In combination with his super strategising this is more effective than it sounds!
He has two kinds of elemental powers: fire (primary) and air (secondary). His fire power mostly manifests in his flaming hair which he can whip around to burn the shiznit out of people. But by default it's actually cold and doesn't burn anything at all. (there's no visual indicator of when he's turned it onto 'normal burny fire' mode) Cos of this he can store stuff in the hair for safe-keeping :3 He can also spread the heat throughout his body and become able to burn things with a touch. (again, no visual indicator the man has suddenly become a living radiator until you're unlucky enough to touch im) However this has a disadvantage! The size and brightness of Loki's hair depends on his mood- it gets longer, brighter and hotter when he's happy. However if he's really angry it goes jagged and lashes about uncontrollably, potentially causing unwanted collateral damage. (luckily when he's merely miffed it just points upwards on end) And when he's sad, scared or otherwise unconfident it goes out completely and he's left with just a knee-length mop of normal hair that's of no use in self defense.
Oh and he can't create fire aside from his hair. And he can't shoot it off his head or anything- as soon as a piece of it is severed it goes cold and just turns back into a normal clump of hair in a second. So he has no ranged fire attack at all and has to rely on making contact with the enemy. The best he can hope for is getting really blazing in an enclosed space so he makes the opponant uncomfortably sweaty from across the room ^^;
His secondary power is air! He can create little mini air bubble explosions from his feet or hands. His primary use of this is to propel himself upwards, where he can then hop along on bubble after bubble to run around in midair. Yup, his supporting power is super doublejumping! However because of his fire element clashing, he's constantly sucking up oxygen for energy and thus if he stands still while suspended in the air he'll start sinking. So like the profile says, this makes his air run look all herky jerky like a tightrope walk. He can mitigate the sinking somewhat by creating a greater surface area- basically if he's standing he sinks fairly fast (100 metres in five minutes), if he's sitting he sinks slower (100 metres in twenty minutes) and if he lies down on the air with a load of bubbles supporting his back he sinks slowest of all (100 metres in an hour). So his usual plan for napping is to jump up reeeeeaaally high in the air and then lie down for a sleep, then get woken up whenever he hits the ground. So he can set a personal alarm depending on how high up he is when he naps :3
And he can also use his air bubbles for attack, but they're only short range too so he has to wait until the enemy is super close to stick his hand in front of their face and blast them across the room. This is sort of his alternative solution to punching people cos he can do it while keeping a distance of 30 cm away from em.
His final power is his sexy wiles! (Odin: FOR THE NATION!!) He's not above turning into a woman to lead male foes into submission, though he draws the line and drops the act if they actually try to grope him. Not that he doesn't like turning into a woman for no reason at all anyway. ^^; (Loki: My hips go swish swish~ *does a little twirl*)

Jotunn Biology:
Little mini section cos it's weird XD Weeeeelll, first point is that he's from the ice tribe of Jotunn even though his personal element is fire. So if he's soaked in water or chilled to the bone it actually boosts his power rather than putting him out, and he can totally be burnt by any fire that isn't his own. He's pretty happy with this power of misdirection XD
And the biggest point to make is that Jotunn are shapeshifters. Normal ones only have one or two forms because it takes a lot of training to master this power and in general the race is more brute force over brains. HOWEVER, Loki is very much a master! For him, changing shapes and genders is like changing clothes and he can mimic another person exactly. He's even got the hang of the insane stuff like growing handcuffs out of his wrists and glasses out of his face (more info on them in the design notes deviation). Severed body parts of a Jotunn remain alive and under their control remotely for up to three minutes, so you can never be sure that a rock nearby is just a rock and not a Loki chunk that'll get up and throw itself at your head as soon as you look the other way. He also likes to rearrange his organs during battle so it's kind of pot luck whether you hit anything- however he NEVER keeps his heart in the expected place and in fact sticks all the non-necessary crap there so you won't even draw blood if you run him through. One of his favourite tricks is catching a sword in his chest and running off with it stuck in him XD
The only limitations to this are:
A) He retains his mouth scars in any form.
B) The amount of mass he can create is limited to how much he's consumed. But he can be smaller than that mass with no drawbacks. (This is why he's always skinny even though he eats enough to die of obesity a thousand times over) Noone has any clue why Jotunn stomachs act like black holes to store all this stuff! (Not that he doesn't have a limit. He usually gets too full to carry on after about 403 courses.. XD)
C) At the moment his strength is severely sapped from being imprisoned for centuries, so he can only change into other shapes smaller or equal to his mass in his default one.
The default form Loki's in in the picture is a popular one that the majority of the species take, because it's close enough to human to be able to do dealings with them while abnormal enough to still say 'I have my cultural pride'. Let's just call it 'Jotuhumanoid' XD Common traits are the hairy ankles and those weird eyes that don't have pupils most of the time. He walks around like this the majority of the time, only taking a full human form if he really has to. And pretty much never changing back to his true super favourite monster form so I won't even bother describing it here. I doodled a chibi though! [link] At the moment he's too weak to change back to it fully, but he turns into that chibi version whenever he's really exhausted or if he gets knocked out. It's about the size of a chicken and very cuddly according to Sigyn! Also he can only say "Loki Loki" like a pokemon~ XD
And just for trivia's sake- Jotunn babymaking is insane. Shapeshifting means they can pull off insane stuff like 'I turn my underparts into a lightning bolt and set you on fire, now you're pregnant', which is how Loki was born ^^;

At the moment, Loki is travelling with Sigyn (his third wife) and Fenris (his eldest son with the previous wife). He loves Sigyn more than the universe, even though he basically only met her cos Odin said he should have a goddess wife to replace his old jotunn one. (What a nice guy T^T) It was a loveless marriage at first, until she decided to stay with him when he was sealed inside the center of the earth and catch the poison from the snake's mouth in a bowl to protect him. They've bonded a lot in a near-millenium of total isolation together, as naturally one would do. Mostly cos she has a hate for Odin that surprises even Loki himself!
"That C**T! Treating you like sh*t!! If I ever see him again I'm gonna rip out his bowels, c*m in the hole and then punch his head so hard it pops out his ASS. AND NOBODY WOULD BE ABLE TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE."
"...have I ever mentioned I love you?" *glomps*
Odin hate. It brings people together! :3
On a less violent note she's also a very kind lady (when outside of battle), as you could probably tell from the fact she was the only person in asgard who said 'Loki doesn't deserve this' and went to help him, even though at the time they had nothing but hate for each other. She's also taking care of Fenris (and the other kids if/when they find them) even though he's Loki's child with another woman and her own kids with him were murdered long ago. So in general- big lovey loveness of lovey love. But she's only gonna be in his comics as an occasional one panel reference with contrived reasons she has to leave again cos to be frank if she joined in his battles she could win them in five seconds flat. (YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED SHE'S SOMEWHAT OF A BESERKER XD)
And as for Fenris the little wolf boy is still almost a baby and needs his daddy's wuv to make him better from his own horrible imprisonment backstory T^T They're super duper close and he brings out SUPER MAMA LOKI! More lovey love loveness.
But anyway if you wanna cameo him in fights against Loki here's his reference: [link]
Aside from this, the Loki kids currently still missing are Eisa and Einmyria (twin girls he had from the baby trap with the 'eat my cursed heart full of ovaries' crazy woman), Jormangundr and Hel (Fenris's siblings with the second wife), Vali and Narfi (kids with Sigyn that died- who knows, there might be a way to see them again? *sniff*) and Sleipnir (kid through a one off fling with a horse, who was taken as Odin's personal steed and thus it's unknown where he is now)
He also has his parents Laufey (a sentient forest) and (a cloud man) and two brothers, though it's even less likely he'll bump into these guys along the way. Oh and he's Super Best Buddies with Thor, who was the guy who broke them out of the centre of the earth in the first place. (After centuries of 'Hey Dad, why did my super best buddy just spontaneously dissappear one day?' until he gave up and went off searching to find where Odin had put him XD) Thor is kind of derp but good hearted and his amazing super collossal strength and magic ultra powers are pretty useful to have on your side as a meat shield/loyal mook. Loki's relationship with him is kind of like Black Mage to Fighter in 8-bit Theater, with a hint of Jackass in that he's equally likely to do something stupid himself as he is to trick Thor into it. (Examples: "Hey Thor, the only way to defeat those Jotunn is if you DRESS LIKE A WOMAN!" VS "THOR! THOOR! Come on, do it! Hit me in the balls with Mjollnir!!") Basically when they're together Loki's goofy silliness goes into overdrive and his logic takes a mini vacation. (it's a sign of true friendshiiiiip~)
Oh and for those Marvel comic readers: THEY ARE NOT BROTHERS. That's another thing marvel totally made up- Loki was living in asgard before thor was BORN and is more like his uncle since he's Odin's blood brother ^^; But you'd never be able to tell anyway cos Thor is twice his size XD

loki and supporting characters belong to moi
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cherryphoenix Featured By Owner May 15, 2012
Wow!!!! I like your description of Loki as a whole.......except for the last part where Thor and him are super best buddies now. Cuz it was Thor who "ahem" chewed him out during the last part of the party-that-Loki-crashed....So, I was expecting that Loki will hate Thor these modern times (even though accdg to ur profile, he was the one who released Loki) so yeah............
Bunni89 Featured By Owner May 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
O>O Why? They were best friends for 90% of norse canon and the only reason Loki backed down in that party he crashed was because Thor was the only one he respected. I don't think Thor would hold a grudge over one drunken escapade that pissed him off, considering he forgave Loki convincing him to dress in drag, amoungst other things XD
cherryphoenix Featured By Owner May 17, 2012
ohhhh........never thought it that way ehehehe I gotta say thanks for that clarification :D sometimes I tend to think worst of characters but it certainly makes me happy if others proven me otherwise...ur right thor and loki should be the best buds........... unlike some adaptations -_-;;; *mutters something about a certain dark-haired Asgardian god of Marvel*
Bunni89 Featured By Owner May 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, I always tend to assume the best of people XD I suppose it would be easy for others to assume other stuff. Anyone's character interpretation on an ancient myth is valid as long as it doesn't throw actual facts out the window like Marvel ^^; Seriously I cannot enjoy any 'Mighty Thor' stuff regardless of the quality just cos it makes me so angry. ESPECIALLY the Loki stuff. He's not Thor's brother! He's not Thor's enemy! He's not black haired! He's not emo and evil and BORING! XD
And of course Thor is not a girly man, not clean shaven, not blonde, not young, not clad in a winged helmet and weird punk rocker dalek-blob armor, doesn't speak shakespearean english, doesn't weild a blacksmith's hammer so much as a size-changing tomahawk... I could go on forever XD
cherryphoenix Featured By Owner May 17, 2012
OMG!!! That's so right tehee XD But u know what....IRONICALLY for me....I became obsessed with Loki and Norse mythology when I first watched the Marvel's movie Thor last year. Like the fan that I am, I fell in love with Tom's Loki that I sought to learn everything about the character....only to find out that he's your typical generic villain on the long run T_T Disappointed, I begun to read the real Norse Mythos since it was the myth that Thor is based on and I fell in love with the lovable traitor that Loki is in the myths hehe....Another IRONIC thing for me...I have always been fond of all kinds of mythology but for some reason I used to HATE the Norse mythos, enough to disregard it completely when I used to read in the mythos section in my lib....Now, Thanks to the Marvel Movie Thor, that I have gotten to know the real and mythical Loki, who is now currently my fave god in myths, with Sigyn and Persephone close second :D
Bunni89 Featured By Owner May 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG, almost the same thing here XD There was a long period of my life where the only thing I knew of norse mythology was the Thor comics, and I was like 'man that sucks'. I can't really remember how I got to the REAL myths but once I'd put my 'this is gonna suck just as much' predjudice behind me I adored them. And then I could point out WHY the Thor comics were so bad and picked up a bunch of new understanding of other bads in it XD And I did rather enjoy the movie Thor but I had the horrible nagging feeling I would have actually liked it loads and wanted to rewatch it if I didn't know how innacurate it was ^^; I tried to mentally sub all mentions of 'Loki' for one of Thor's actual brothers XD
Wow, you like Sigyn? o.o She had like.. zero description at all in the mythos aside from 'is loki's wife and her name is sigyn'. You liked her from that? XD Or you liked her from one of the many reinterpretations?
Honestly if you liked her from the minimal description I gotta agree. Cos really when the only action you take in the story (aside from popping out some kids at some point) is willfully being sealed in teh centre of the earth with your husband to defend him from an acid-spitting snake, you make an impression XD In my personal canon she was sort of a trophy wife Loki got given by Odin just to be seen as a proper god (distracting people from Loki's promiscuousness with animals and jotunn XD), and she initially hated him right up until the 'I choose to protect you' scene where she discovered how much of a douche odin really was ^^;
I dunno if you'd like my version of her as a character though cos I went weird with artistic license on her appearance and powers XD
cherryphoenix Featured By Owner May 17, 2012
Well, I first liked Sigyn because of the pics I found in the internet (when I was in my Loki-obsessed mode). As they say, a picture tells a thousand words and it struck me to see a woman (and I must say that holding a filled bowl with extended arms for a very long time is VERY TIRING, I know I tried it myself...gave up after few decades of minutes or so :P) staying close to a weakened man holding a bowl under a burning dripping venom from the snake. I knew the man was Loki but I know not the woman, and even after reading some of the norse myths (I tend to read things in a NON-chronological manner), I never knew that woman is Loki's wife (I even thought at first it was one of his mistresses) and it came to me as a surprise that a wildfire like Loki would have a wife. He struck me as someone who would hate monogamous relationships and if Odin does make him marry, he would weasel his way out of it like he always does.

But still, after reading about her, I became truly touched by Sigyn's faithfulness to her husband that I liked her right away. So yes, I like her because of the sparse but touching valid description of her in the canon myths.

Also, story wise, She's a blank-slate character when it comes to personality (unlike in Loki's case where u can deduce his personality on how he deals with other people and situations in the myths) and so I have no trouble in giving her one as long as it coincides her quiet strength she had shown in the myths. That's one of the reasons I like her.

Say, do you want know my interpretation of Sigyn and her relationship with Loki??? :3
Bunni89 Featured By Owner May 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah, the images of the iconic scene are awesome! It's even on an official stamp somewhere.. not sure if it was Denmark or Scandenavia. Next to Thor's hammer it's like one of the most recogniseable pictures of norse myth in its home countries. Lol, yeah I can appreciate her sacrifice- people underestimate how much torture it is to do a seemingly normal activity 24/7 forever. Even just staying in the same position for ages eventually taxes your muscles to exhaustion. (Worse depending on the position obviously. Craning your arms and neck upwards to ensure you catch every drop of venom would be hell.)
And lol, I can imagine you could totally miss sigyn until she appears in that scene. She's literally only name-dropped. And Loki had three wives and wasn't really as promiscuous as his pop culture image, he seemed more like a guy who liked to BOAST that he slept with everyone's wives or use sexy wiles in his pranks and tricks, not that he was a total sex addict or anything. Though it's never said if he had his second and third wives at the same time- it would fit since Sigyn would be his 'god wife' and Angrboda the other one would be his 'jotunn wife' he runs off to see. It's pretty much established that he had Angrboda first though. His first wife was a lady called Glut who was apparantly a teenage fling or something and never appeared in any actual story. </end ramble XD>
And Loki really lacked skill at weaselling out of things that he didn't want to do XD Most of his stories are either being made to do something by the gods, or he's weaselling out of PUNISHMENT for some unforeseen consequence of a prank. He never really seemed to get any luck or riches or whatever he tried for ^^; Poor guy XD
A good example of what I mean is the story of the loss of the golden apples. Loki gets attacked by some other jotunn and promises to get him the golden apples if he isn't killed. Then he pulls off the golden apple heist but gets caught, beaten up by the gods and forced to go get them back. The story ends with Loki having brought back not only the apples but also having killed that jotunn and stolen his treasure. So, net gain for the gods: treasure and one enemy killed. Gain for loki: wasn't murdered by anyone today. ^^; Oh and another story (my least favourite) ended with loki's lips sewn shut with razor wire and everyone laughing at him, EVEN THOUGH he'd again done everything the gods wanted, paid back his mistake with intrest and saved the day.
Only story I can think of that was a victory for Loki and not just the gods was when he got Thor to dress up as a woman and pretend to marry a jotunn. And even then Loki only got a good laugh and wasn't the one who was the butt of all the violence ^^;
I like Loki because he seems like a sort of accidental worst enemy and greatest ally of the gods. Like, he's really just a joker and a coward and stuff goes out of his control, but then he fixes it with his sly smartness... but still gets horribly injured or nearly killed. Kinda makes you feel sorry for him XD

And sure I'd love to hear your version of Sigyn! Probably better than mine which is just silly XD
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scarlettie90 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
his hair is even bigger than Dans can't even fit on the profile properly :XD:
Bunni89 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yush XD And its even bigger in scale cos dan is a lil chibi kid and he's a fairly tall man.
I like big haired charas :333
scarlettie90 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
i hadn't noticed ;P
Bunni89 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
heehee :D
BooRat Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011
You gonna do the whole pantheon like this?
Bunni89 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Nah. Loki's my fave chara that's why I made a cartoon version of him. Only other norse god I might do is maybe thor someday
BooRat Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011
But, but what about Loki's extended family!? Thor will be ceeewwl! I think it's Frigga, but what about the Norse goddess of lust!?
Bunni89 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah, they're included along with him. I already did his son Jormangundr as a character ages ago. (Well, a sorcerer who stole his soul but same difference. Go jormy, eat his brain from the inside!!)
And I don't like lusty folk so NO. You can draw her if you want to XD
BooRat Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2011
BooRat Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011
Yeah, but I mean with their own spread sheet! I seen him! A sorcerer stole his soul? Ouch!
But she's the one that rides in a chariot pulled by cats and her brother and herself are the only gods that aren't Aesir! What I'd love to see you draw the stereo-typical dumb bimbo character!
Bunni89 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Spread sheet? What do you mean? isn't that a math thing?
And ya but the sorceror is a silly fun guy who dresses like a rocker so its alright XD
No they're not ^^; Loki is a Jotunn, his wife Sigyn is a Vanir, Tyr is a half Jotunn.. there were loads of honorary aesirs. But yeah her and her bro were the non-aesiers that were worshipped the most. And I'm sorry I don't do stereotypes, especially female ones cos they grate on my nerves. I have a load of blonde friends and none of em are idiots :devil:
BooRat Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2011
You know i mint a Bio page with his stats!
In constant pain!?

Loki is a Frost Giant but he was adopted by the gods sort of! Wives don't really count! It was either they marry out of the Aesir or it'd be pure incest! Half the gods are half giant yes! Yeah they were like from another group that were called gods the giants were of a different race not really gods! like how they kind of consider Titans and the Greek gods to be different even though the gods were descended from the Titans!
Sure you do there are no more original female archetypes left in the world! You just choice not to do the negative of old! I got some too and most are just above being mentally retarded!
Bunni89 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Know I didn't knnow ^^; Are people meant to magically agree with everything you say and never get confused?

The vanir were only considered 'gods' cos after the aesir defeated them they basically went 'fine lets all be gods'. They're still a different race, but the mythology never really went into what the difference was so I guess it does count ^^; (they were probably more like mexicans VS caucasians or whatever)
And they didn't give a flying fuck about incest at the time, dude ^^; The motivation according to the stories was basically 'this jotunn is really hot' so they'd rape em and drag em home to be a wife/slave. It only makes it creepier that they're a separate species ^^;
I actually have no idea what you're talking about now. 'No original female archetypes left in the world'? Well if you count norse myth as 'original' enough they treated every woman who wasn't a main character as a retarded sex-obsessed whore or a retarded perfect docile housewife who was seen and not heard. I can say stereotypes last a long time then cos you still see that crap in modern stories ^^;
If people stopped choosing to do the negative of old then the stereotypes would stop existing. Do you honestly think its a GOOD thing women are treated like that? (cos there are real retards who read a comic and believe women in real life are all like it! And quite obviously no cos I'm an ugly ho addicted to videogames and gore movies and rightly proud of it.) I mean you can still draw a hot sexy stripper who ISN'T a bimbo and that could even be cooler if you make her some sort of amazon barbarian from space weilding a chainsaw lazer axe made out of human skulls.
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